Mary Olsson

Printmaking, paper art, artists' books


I use the imagery of the miniature paper theater and the language of ornamentation to explore correspondence; letters, cards and other objects. In these prints and objects, I present the letter’s narrative as an ornamented pictograph. This can be a letter that I might have written, or wanted to write, such as “Dear mom, a one act play”.  Another aspect of this series is an awareness that paper-based communication is something that is disappearing from our lives: the letter, the map, cards, and to a certain degree, books. I explore the loss of the tactile experience of touching and folding paper, and using a pen or pencil to write. My work lies at the meeting point of traditional paper-based forms of communication and traditional paper-based forms of art, as I consider how there is an ongoing process of replacement. And how these objects are transforming in their significance from useful to historical.

Screenprints and miniature theaters


Poison Pen paired print, photopolymer, 2022

The Shaker Valentines

Thinking about writing a letter 1,paper litho, 2022

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