Participation in the 2017 Wheaton Biennial; Beard and Weil Galleries
Wheaton College, Norton, MA
March 1 - April 10, 2017


  January 2015
The International Print Center in New York city has an excellent program with guest curators and twice a year shows of new prints. The shows showcase so much talent and beautiful work, every time. This print by Elizabeth Farrell, one of the artists featured in the "New Prints" autumn show is created with the pochoir method.
Pochoir is a stencil based graphic process that creates an exact, crisp edge to color areas.

Some Pochoir method links:
  December 2014

Bookbinding: inspired by Emma Gunnarssons artists book in the NyGrafik exhibit, I had a bookbinding class with book binder Shemah Hassan this month.
As we worked, I had a lot of ideas for projects with book binding techniques. We created a bound back for my board game imagery. The structural prototype: a scrabble game board.

  November 2014
Pebble board. That is what it used to be called. An old technology product used for creating halftones, No one even knows what it is anymore, it is no longer a paper product. Until....I found pebble plastic film in Screentec's catalogue. It's Swedish name: Rasterfolie medelgrov.
  October 2014

Jury member and guest curator Thomas Liljenberg
This month: the NYGRAFIK 2014 exhibit at Husby Konsthall. Observing the jury work and watching the process of making their decisions has been both a valuable education and fascinating. We experimented with an online application program, hanging with clips, without passepartout, and an online return mailing service.

Artist Emma Gunnarssons fold-out artists book
  September 2014
I am always amazed by the work I see in museums and at exhibitions. I think the artist Sean Caulfield creates intriguing prints that explore machines, nature and sometimes fuses machine and nature into fantastical objects that seem to belong in both yet neither realm:

Sean Caulfield

I think he would really like this picture of the Stockholm telephone towerm (to the left).It was called "telefontornet", telephone tower, and was once the exchange structure for telephone lines.
  August 2014
Husby cultural center has rental bicycles.
Konsthall gallery, exhibition 2013, with Nasrin Taghizadeh




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